Fish & Chill

The Cozy Cove

Chill by the ocean in your own personal cove, while trying and catch some fish and maybe even find a message in a bottle.

The Cozy Cove


When you need to take a break from hectic everyday life, we invite you to come visit the perfect little fishing spot called The Cozy Cove. In this small game about fishing and carefree communication, you set your goals and the tempo. Throw out your fishing line and discover the many interesting things to catch from the briny deep. But the ocean contains more than fish and minor treasure; the most valuable find is a message from a fellow angler. Bottles holding unique messages will make you realise you are not alone. Reply to the words of another, or send out your own message through the ocean and discover what the lucky finder will reply with. In The Cozy Cove, an interesting or heartfelt message is only one wave away.The idea for The Cozy Cove was born during the global lockdowns of 2020. During a period of so much fear and uncertainty in the world we wanted to create something positive. Something to help people relax and anonymously vent about anything on their mind. Sometimes just writing down that which has been bothering you can be a huge relief. Other times you just want to tell everyone about that amazing thing that happened to you. This tiny game gives you a platform to send and receive those messages, while fishing in your own personal warm and cozy cove.